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Welcome to Priory Fishery

Suppliers of quality farm bred Carp & Coarse fish.

Priory Fishery is one of the UK's longest established Coarse and Carp fish farms and best known still in business today. Owned and run by highly respected team, Tom Downe and Jez Harris, Priory continues to supply the highest quality stock fish for many of the country's top coarse and specimen carp fisheries.

Priory fish are produced from the farm's own broodstock, grown-on in purpose-built, professionally managed ponds. 

Fish Species
Our Methods

We carry five species at Priory Fisheries. We feel these five cover all your angling needs for the stocking of either a match, general or specimen style fishery.

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From the broodstock selection to the rearing of the juvenile fingerlings right through to the saleable sized fish and delivery we pride ourselves in being at the top of our field.

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All of our fish are measured from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail when sold by the inch and in pounds when by weight.

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In our links section we have selected a few companies and fisheries that we deal with on a regular basis.

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