Fish Species

The following five species we feel cover all of your angling needs for the stocking of a either a match, general or specimen style fishery. We are able to source other species from a reputable supplier if this is required, all fish we supply come with an up to date health check.

Abramis brama

Another of those fish which is very popular either in a match style fishery or for your pleasure/mixed fishery, giving fantastic sport. With their natural shoaling instinct the Bream are very easy to net on the farm, and also an excellent fish when you are faced with numbers of herons, as they tend to stay shoaled up in the deeper water out of harms way!

The popular sizes for the fishery owners are the 8-10 inch and 10 inch plus range, the latter averaging about ¾ of a lb which is perfect for any fishery! We sell from 4 inches right up to the 14 inch plus fish. We try to keep the handling of our bream to an absolute minimum as this keeps them in top condition.

Crucian Carp
Carassius carassius

We originally sourced Crucians from two different lakes so that we had not only two different gene pools, but also we were very careful to make sure they were "true" Crucians and were not brown goldfish.

Year on year we have them tested for the benefit of the customer so that they can be sure they are the real thing, and we are more than happy to do this at any time for your peace of mind.

We supply Crucians from 2-4 inches right up to 8 inch plus with the 5-6"s 6-8"s and 8 inch plus being very popular for mixed and match fisheries.

Cyprinus carpio

A Carp is just a Carp? Well you would have thought so but we would like to show you different. The strain of Carp we breed at the Priory is unique to our farm and was created 30 + years ago by crossing two very distinctive strains. The strains in question are the classic Leneys which are the original English strain farmed by Donald Leney, long scaly and a steady grower with more history than any other. The second strain is the German Dinkensbhul, which is shorter framed less scaled Carp but with an incredible growth rate and very domesticated which is ideally suited for farm and fishery life.

By crossing the two strains we have created fast growing Carp which are a mix of leathers, mirrors, linear's and fully scaled, perfect for a good mix within a fishery. From many years of farming this strain it has proved itself time and time again as a hardy strain that is suited not only to the busy life of a match fishery but also to that of a specimen Carp lake or gravel pit. There is nothing better than to hear of one of our Carp reaching 40lb or a match fishery report where you see a healthy bag of our fish winning a competition. We grow and sell Carp from 3-4 inches right up to double figure and such is the popularity of the bigger sizes we take bookings for the fish a year in advance!

Stocking 3-4lb Carp into the Grange in 2006 these fish are now upper forties as reported by fishery manager Kenny Gates, so this shows the potential. Blunham Angling bought the same size fish and within a year these fish were hitting mid double and in 2011 were being caught at 28lbs, and have the looks to match! . A Carp is not just a Carp and these days people want more from their fish, so we at Priory Fishery offer a service of contract growing your fish to your size and requirements. Contact Tom for details.

Golden Rudd
Scardinius erythrophthalmus

For adding a bit of colour to any fishery the Golden Rudd, like its blander relative is a fantastic sporting fish and great for filling the keep net when other fish are not so obliging.

We sell sizes from 2 inch up too 6-8 inch, and these are always popular in the mixed fishery market or for an ornamental pond. With the characteristics of the fish to sit in the upper layers, they can often be seen in the warmer months cruising in shoals.

Tinca tinca

One of the most popular fish around and always very much in demand by our customers. A must in any mixed fishery, the Tench is a hard fighting fish and very resilient to the everyday fishery life.

With their slow growth, breeding enough to reach demand on the farm is an ongoing task and this should be considered if you are looking for the bigger sizes, as pre-ordering or contract growing is the norm for this fish (see Our Methods).

We currently sell from 3-4 inch fish up to 10 inch +, with 6-8 and 8-10's being the most popular.

Fish Species

We carry five species at Priory Fishery. We feel these five cover all your angling needs for the stocking of either a match, general or specimen style fishery.

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Our Methods

From the broodstock selection to the rearing of the juvenile fingerlings, right through to the saleable sized fish and delivery, we pride ourselves in being at the top of our field.

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All of our fish are measured from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail when sold by the inch, and in pounds when by weight.

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In our links section we have selected a few companies and fisheries that we deal with on a regular basis.

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